That best portion of a good man's life, His little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and of love - William Wordsworth

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Blood Receivers meet Donors

Let us pledge to remove avoidable death due to lack of blood.

How It Works

Donors Availability

Donors register with us, for this noble cause. Donors have the flexibility to show/hide their account details at any given moment. If any donor update their last blood donation date, their account details will be hidden for the next 90 days. Only registered user can view donor's contact details.

Post Ads

Any registered user can post an Ad on our website. After Admin moderation, your Ad will be live. We will be sharing your Ad on various social media platform to help you get as many responses. Our website user can also view/share your Ad; they can also contact you if they can help you out.

Helping Hand

Even if you are not a donor, you can help your bit by sharing Ads among your friends, and asking them to further re-share, so that the blood receiver can get exposed to more number of people which provide them a better chance to get help. You have the power in your hand to help someone life.

With great powers, comes great responsibilities.

Because blood is not that unavailable.

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